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Since 2013!

Electronic Target Systems

World's first Wireless Scoring System for 10m Air Rifle, Air Pistol & 50m Smallbore Rifle

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Electronic Target Made by Champions!

Built and designed by high performance atheletes from India with numerious National & International Medals

Rajesh Manpat,
CEO, iFuture Systems
National Medallist 10M Air Rifle
Winner-Make In India Award

Our vision was to produce a low cost, accurate Electronic target with features that would help shooters from Beginner Level to an advanced level. Today we have hundreds of shooters training on Elite Scorer worldwide and they have realized their dreams by winning medals and representing their respective countries. We shall continue to innovate and strive to bring the best of Technology to Shooting sports.


How it works

UVC working principle


ISSF Standard requires 0.1mm accuracy for 10m targets. Elite Scorer X1 accuracy is now 0.07mm!

Whats more.. We are offering live accuracy test at our stalls and test kits with every purchase. Not every Electronic Target out there is accurate nor verifyable. Elite Scorer is the only Target to provide verifyable scores!

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Score Analysis

Elite Scorer was designed to be more than just a target system. It is the first and only system to provide comprehensive Graphs and Analysis to improve Shooting Performance.

With Elite Scorer, you can train for the Finals with Audio commands coming from the Elite Scorer!. Elite Scorer also comes with accessories such as Heart Rate Monitor making it a must have device for training.

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Working Principle

Elite Scorer X1 uses patented digital imaging technology for scoring with an accuracy of >0.1mm. The new X1 model is now faster, more reliable and affordable.

Elite Scorer X1 uses paper Roll to record the shot and sends the score to the Firepoint display software over Wireless Network (No Internet Required).

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Why Choose Elite Scorer

Here are a few reasons why Elite Scorer is your best choice...

>0.1mm Accuracy

What you see is what you get. With Elite Scorer X1, you get extreme accuracy which can be verified and compared with Printed targets.

Easy Installation

Elite Scorer works right out of the box. With no wires and installation, it is very simple to setup and get started.

IoT Enabled Software Features

Elite Scorer is way ahead of competetion. Elite Scorer is the world's first IOT Enabled Target System. Which means, we can access your software and hardware over internet.

Scientific & Reliable

Each Elite Scorer is meticuliously made with robust manufacturing techniques. We put our 15 years of experience into building the product.

16x6 days support

We offer 16hrs X 6 days a week remote support in India Time (IST) and local distributor support for our international customers.

Low Cost of Ownership

Not only is Elite Scorer low cost to purchase, it is also low cost of maintanence. It is probably the most affordable and accurate product.

Elite Scorer has been selling globally since 2013
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Our Products

Elite Scorer is now launched as Elite Scorer X1 (X One). The all new EliteScorer X1 is now more reliable, accurate and allows for reusing of paper roll.

Elite Scorer X1 is now IoT enabled for instant remote support.

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Electronic Target

Elite Scorer X1 Home Basic

10m Wireless Target for either for Air Rifle or Air Pistol Shooting with PRO Software

Electronic Target

Elite Scorer X1 Home PRO

10m Wireless Target for either Air Rifle or Air Pistol Shooting with PRO Software & LED

Electronic Target

Elite Scorer X1 Club PRO

10m Wireless Target for Air Rifle & Air Pistol Shooting with PRO Software

Electronic Target

Elite Scorer X1 50m

Stainless Steel Front Plate with 50m wireless target for .22 Cal with PRO Software

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