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How to conduct Accuracy Test?

Have you ever wondered if the scores you are seeing on the display is actually true?

Lets understand how to test accuracy of your Electronic Target System and why it is extremely important.

Accurate Electronic Target

Shooting training in many ways is a feedback and positive reinforcement training sport. Now what do we mean by that. Lets say you took an aim at the target and you did a perfect triggering and follow through. You are expecting a good 10.

If your screen shows a 10.8, great! Now you would again like to repeat that sight picture, that triggering and follow through. Thats what we all do from shot to shot. We learn how to shoot a good 10, on the spot and we try to repeat what we just did into the next shot. Therefore the Target system and Screen display is a verry essential part of your learning curve and performance.

However what would happen if you performed a good technique but your screen shows 9? Lets just say you trust your electronic target, maybe it is even an ISSF certified one. But if your electronic target system is faulty/ inaccurate or improprly calibrated, you could be reinforcing your brain a lot of wrong and confusing information.

The screen tells your brain, the perfect sight picture you just made is not correct because your faulty electronic target showed that as a 9 or even a 10.1 whereas the actual true score was a 10.5!

Even worse, you may have shot a 9.6 but your faulty and un reliable Electronic target system is showing this as a 10.2! This would build a false sense of sight picture and triggering and would lead to disasterous false reinforcement.

Accurate Electronic Target
Accuracy Test Electronic Target
Accuracy Elite Target

Unlike many electronic targets available in the Market, Elite Scorer's results are verifyable. We infact suggest you to do an accuracy test before you develop trust for your onscreen results.

We advice you to purchase ISSF certified Electronic Targets or Targets that can prove accuracy. Even with ISSF certified targets, many systems require recalibration, maintanence and cleaning to get accurate results. But purchasing unreliable Electronic Targets can be disastrous to your learning curve and can end your shooting career!

If you have any questions on how to conduct accuracy test with Elite Scorer, feel free to leave us a message, we will get intouch with you to demonstrate this. Choose wisely, Choose Carefully!

To conduct Accuracy test on any Electronic Target, You will need the following:

  • Electronic Target System

  • ISSF Standard printed paper card

  • Template supplied my Electronic Target Manufacturer

  • Glue Stick

  • Air Rifle/ Air Pistol

  • Pellets

  • Lets Get Started..

    Paste your ISSF Certified printed paper Card on the Template. Try matching the Location of black bulls of the template and the printed Card.
    Remove your paper Roll.
    Now fire a shot at the Target.
    Check Score on display and Verify with what you see on Printed Card!
    If you see more than 0.1mm difference on Screen and the Card, please speak to support.